Individualized Coaching Sessions

Interview and Job Search Coaching

By popular demand, having received a good many requests for personalized advice, I am offering individual coaching sessions via phone or, if you are in New York City, in person.  The charge for such services is $250 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.  Coaching sessions can encompass the following topics:

Mock Interviews

The best way to improve your interviewing skills is to practice.  For a mock interview, I recommend a 1 hour session consisting of a 30 minute mock interview and then 30 minutes of review and analysis of the interview.  At your option, the mock interview can consist solely of qualitative/fit questions, solely of technical questions or a combination of both.

Resume Review

It is one thing to receive general resume advice but quite another to have an experienced banker review your resume.  Please note that while I may very likely give you suggestions on how to improve or reword or reorder your resume to maximize its impact, this is not a resume writing service. Before scheduling a resume review coaching session, you should already have a one-page draft of a resume in standard, bullet form.

General Job Search and Recruiting Advice

Whether you are at a target or non-target school or seeking to make a lateral move, the investment banking job search is a tough one. Schedule a coaching session to learn more about the recruiting and interviewing process, networking, informational interviews and other job search topics. Please note that this is not a job placement site and I cannot give out personal contacts or specific job postings or leads.

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For more information or to set up a coaching session, please email me at andrew [at] or use the contact form below.

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