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Should I include interests on my resume?

My personal view on a resume section for interests is that it can hurt you more than it can help you.  Yes, if your passion is medieval Icelandic art, and it just so happens that your interviewer also loves medieval Icelandic art, then it probably helps.  But those instances are pretty darn rare.  If you do need to fill up some space on your resume (e.g. if you are still in undergrad) and your interests are “interesting” then put them on your resume.  If you do need more space to fit you resume on one page, this section should be the first thing to be removed.

If you do include interests, whatever you do, make sure than you can speak intelligently about them in an interview because someone will ask.  For example, if you list reading as an interest, make sure to have a few books (not Harry Potter) that you can speak about that you’ve read recently.

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