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Are you interviewing for jobs other than investment banking?

This can be another tricky one.  If you are interviewing out of undergrad or B-School, I would emphasize that you are only interviewing with investment banks or at least that banking is by far your main focus.  If you are trying to switch careers, interviewers are going to understand that getting a job in banking is more difficult and that you may need to cast a wider net.  In these instances, I think that as long as you state that banking is your top choice, it’s okay to mention that you are interviewing with other institutions, provided that they are in finance and require similar skill-sets (e.g. equity research, corporate banking, etc.)  Whatever you do, don’t state (even if it is true) that you are looking at banking, consulting, hedge funds, private equity and also considering going to cooking school.  You’ll come across as unfocused and not serious about being an investment banker.

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