FAQ Categories

About Investment Banking

General questions about investment banking, the types of investment banks and the different positions within an investment bank.

Banking Lifestyle

Life as an investment banker.  The good and the bad.


Cross-posts from EconomicsFAQ. Explaining economics and defending the free market.

Exit Opportunities

Where can banking take me.  Discussion of various post-banking careers, including private equity and hedge funds.

For further learning…

Where can I learn more about banking.  Books, blogs, training programs and other Internet sources.

Interviewing – Brainteasers

A few examples of interview brainteasers.

Interviewing – General

General questions about interviewing and the interviewing process.

Interviewing – Qualitative (Fit) Questions

Some commonly asked qualitative questions with discussion of how to answer them.

Interviewing – Technical Questions

Some often asked technical questions with answers.  Topics include valuation, enterprise and equity value and M&A analysis.

Markets and Investing

Markets and Investing 101. What every investor, speculator and hedgefunder should understand but doesn’t.

Recruiting and Job Search

How to get an investment banking job.  For undergrads, MBAs, lateral hires and those trying to switch from other industries.

Resumes and Cover Letters

A few tips on writing good resumes and cover letters.  What to do and what not to do.